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Project Sanctuary: Restoring Hope and Empowering Military Families to Recover and Thrive

Support for Those Who Serve Our Country by Helping Their Whole Family Protecting and serving our country is one of the most noble career paths a person can take. The brave members of our military and their families deserve the best care once they come home because when one person serves, the whole family serves. That notion inspired Heather Ehle, [...]

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Words Alive: Helping Students Reach their Full Potential

Reading is the cornerstone for success in school and beyond, yet 46% of fourth graders in San Diego are failing to meet reading and Language Arts standards. That is why Leslye Lyons, a social worker and avid reader, founded Words Alive with the belief that if you value reading and understand its fundamental connection to all aspects of your life, [...]

Nassau University Medical Center: A Helping Hand for the Uninsured Residents of New York

For many Americans, health insurance is out of reach due to the high price tag that comes along with adequate medical coverage. And for the team at the Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC), this issue is what drives them to carry on their core mission—to serve the most vulnerable populations in Long Island and to ensure they receive the medical [...]

A Saving Grace for the Vulnerable Populations of Pierce County

This month’s ePromos for Good winner is the Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) in Tacoma, WA. For more than 16,000 low income, homeless, and other vulnerable people in the Pierce County community, the Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) is a beacon in the face of adversity. For over 50 years, MDC has provided health, housing, education, and employment assistance to thousands of [...]

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February ePromos for Good Winner: Paradox Sports

Defying Their Odds, Together In 2007, more than 20 physically-disabled participants showed up at a local rock climbing gym outside of Washington DC. And that day, alongside injured Iraq war veteran D.J. Skelton and his friends, the group would defy their physical limitations – and the odds. Participants representing a variety of disabilities, including blindness, amputations, paraplegia, and more gathered [...]

By |February 2nd, 2020|Education, forGood Recipients, forGood Recipients Featured|

Empowering Youth and Preventing Substance Abuse

This month’s ePromos for Good organization is Mentor Foundation USA. Driven by a passion for empowering youth to live drug-free, Queen Silvia of Sweden created Mentor International in 1994 in collaboration with the World Health Organization. As of today, her vision has spread to over 80 countries, and her mission has enabled millions of young people around the world to [...]

August ePromos for Good Winner: Inner-City Arts

Bringing Arts & Inspiration to the Inner City Artist and educator Bob Bates witnessed the dramatic cuts to L.A.’s arts education programs firsthand, throughout the late 1970s and 1980s – and he knew he needed to be part of the solution. In 1989, Bates teamed up with area business leader Irwin Jaeger and launched Inner-City Arts. Designed to be an [...]

June ePromos for Good Winner: Project 150

Project 150 is on the front lines every single day. This small-but-mighty Las Vegas-based organization works with homeless high school students in the community, delivering food to their resource rooms, offering bus passes, providing clothing including caps, gowns and prom dresses and, even, offering scholarships to encourage these teens to dream big. Often the students they service are familiar with [...]

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ePromos for Good Winner: Feeding America

In Riverside and San Bernardino alone – AKA “The Inland Empire” – more than 800,000 people live below the poverty line, and 400,000 are food insecure. It’s a major problem that requires a major community commitment – and that’s exactly what this month’s ePromos for Good recipient provides. Since 1980, Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino (FARSB) – formerly Survive [...]

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ePromos for Good Winner: Save a Child’s Heart

In the U.S. alone, close to 1% of all babies are born with some heart defect. While many can be remedied with simple, safe treatments or, even, basic surgical intervention, some cannot – in some cases, the care needed is too costly, too complicated or, simply, too far out of reach. That’s where this month’s ePromos for Good winner Save [...]

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