How To Use Wayfarer Style Sunglasses to Increase Sales

Create a brand-building campaign by using promotional Wayfarer style sunglasses to allow customers to sport your logo all around town while staying fashionable. What’s brilliant about this trendy accessory is that they can be gender neutral to fit everyone’s needs. This is not a gift that gets quickly shoved into a pocket or bag, only to emerge on rare occasion. Your logo and message will stay on the face of your customers, creating a talking piece that promotes your brand. Wayfarer style shades are the go-to accessory for company parties, events, and everything in between.

Expand Your Reach through Photo Ops

Sunglasses are a great way to ensure your logo and message appear in photos taken at an event. No matter their age, when people receive sunglasses during a celebration, they can’t help but put them on. When your attendees post pictures wearing the sunglasses on their favorite social media outlets such as Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, your brand name will be seen by their online friends as well. This will ensure your brand reaches a digital audience you may not have direct access to.

To create an epic photo opportunity, we suggest playing the song Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart – after the sun goes down, of course. This will encourage everyone to put their glasses on, get goofy, and take photos. Be sure the DJ lets everyone know they’re going to need their sunglasses for the next song!

Using Promotional Sunglasses at Outdoor Events

Sunglasses are a great and practical handout for summertime events that take place outdoor. To keep your attendees talking and using them throughout the summer, you can even select a pair of Wayfarer style glasses with a built-in bottle opener.

Here are our top 10 favorite sunshine-filled events where marketers can make use of customizable sunglasses.

Top 10 Events to Giveaway Sunglasses At:

  1. Destination weddings
  2. Hotel bar pool parties
  3. Marathons
  4. Social mixers starting just before dusk
  5. Corporate weekend picnics
  6. Camping trips
  7. Boating / kayaking / canoeing trips
  8. Beach resorts
  9. Bike races
  10. Hiking trips

Wayfarer Style Glasses for Kids’ Safety

Sunglasses can be a fun item to giveaway for events, but they can also serve as a safety item for kids. Many groups use shirts to keep a headcount of the children in their group – but whereas collecting t-shirt sizes isn’t always easy, sunglasses offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

On your next field trip or camp outing, make sure kids have the contact information they need in the event they get lost. Imprint a group name and contact information on the glasses, so that they can easily contact their chaperone. If you have a large group select a neon color to make the kids stand out in a crowd. Our glow in the dark glasses are also great to give out at Halloween. The light they emit will aid in passing motorists to be able to see trick-or-treaters.

Provide Interest and Incentives with Stylish Frames

Promotional Wayfarer style sunglasses are great to attract potential customers or draw recurring customers back in. Here’re a few ideas for your business.

  • Stand out at a tradeshow by drawing people in with trendy sunglasses. They were cool when Tom Cruise wore them in Risky Business, and they’re still cool today.
  • Many retail stores give away a gift with purchase. Make a fashion forward design for your sunglasses and give them away to your customers when they reach your designated price point.
  • Sunglasses make affordable, compact mailers to send to recurring customers. Patrons will definitely take notice of your marketing materials with this freebie promoting your upcoming sale.

How To Customize Sunglasses for Your Business

At ePromos, we’re here to help you through every step of your custom order. Select a pair of Wayfarer style sunglasses from our shop that fit your occasion. If you’re a business, you will most likely want to include your logo and/or a brand message in your design. Our designers can use your artwork, or create an image for you based on a sketch or description. We’ll always make sure you are 110% satisfied with your proof before putting the order through.

The sky’s the limit when designing your sunglasses! We can print on the lenses, frames, temples, or ear pieces, too. One advantage in choosing a Wayfarer style sunglass is that they have thicker frames and temples, meaning your message can be bigger and bolder. Call or chat online with one of our friendly staff members to get started in spreading your message through Wayfarer style sunglasses today.

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