Movember Promotional Ideas and Awareness Campaigns

There are many awareness campaigns in November, including No Shave November, National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, Native American and Alaskan Native Heritage Month and many more. One unique awareness campaign during this month is Movember.

Movember is an excellent time to promote and bring awareness to different health issues that affect men. Promotions are affordable for businesses who want to get involved in the month and showcase their business’s values and dedication to their community. You can even use promotional products to showcase your support while also bringing attention to your brand, helping increase revenue and creating a valuable bond between employees and staff.

Learn more about the campaign and how your business and employees can get involved through promotional Movember ideas and products.


What Is the Meaning Behind Movember?

Movember is an event in November that promotes conversations and brings awareness to health issues affecting those assigned male at birth, such as prostate and testicular cancer. This annual event helps educate the public about different health issues in the hope that increased attention can encourage more research on different health conditions to one day find a cure. The event also encourages camaraderie and positive morale support among coworkers, making it an excellent time to use promotional items and merchandise to show your company’s support of the movement.

Movember typically encourages individuals to grow a mustache or wear mustache merchandise during the month and when participating in events. Movember comes from the diminutive form of the word mustache, which is “mo.” The form of the word and the month of November are combined to indicate the event takes place during that month and involves growing a mustache.

Individuals can celebrate Movember in various ways, including:

  • Keeping a well-groomed mo until December.
  • Wearing a fake mustache for the November mustache challenge.
  • Wearing a shirt with an artsy image of a mustache.
  • Styling your mustache in a new, fun way.
  • Collecting donations in support of men’s health and wellness.

Even women who support the movement can celebrate with mustache items, whether T-shirts, fake mustaches or other merchandise they can wear throughout the month. There are endless opportunities for bringing awareness, so let your creativity be free and create an inclusive idea for everyone.

The main reason people celebrate Movember is to bring awareness to different health conditions affecting men. Raising money during the month is one popular way to celebrate the month.

Some ways that individuals or businesses can raise money for the cause are to:

  • Donate privately to researchers or organizations whose work suits the movement’s message.
  • Hold fundraisers dedicated to Movember.
  • Buy Movember promotional items.
  • Offer customers and clients Movember merchandise in exchange for monetary donations.

These are just a few ways businesses can get involved in Movember. Companies and individuals can also come up with their own unique ideas to showcase their support. You’ll learn more below about how you can get your business involved to help you start generating ideas.


How Can Businesses Get Involved in Movember?

There are many ways businesses can get involved in Movember to raise awareness for various men’s health conditions. Raising awareness in the workplace also shows staff you care about their health and are willing to put in the work to build awareness. 

Possible Movember promotion ideas include:



  • Utilize branded promotional items: Branded promotional items with mustaches or messages bringing awareness to the movement are an excellent way to get involved in the month. These items have multiple uses, like providing utility for employees and clients and showing appreciation to those involved with your business. These items also promote your brand at the same time, helping you stand out against competitors.
  • Have an employee contest: Contests are a great way to encourage a healthy competitive spirit among employees while bringing awareness to the month. One popular contest you can try with your employees is a food and drink contest. Encourage your employees to make a cocktail or dish dedicated to Movember and have them vote on the best one. The person who wins can get a reward, whether that’s a unique promotional item celebrating the month or something else.
  • Encourage donations: Donations are a big part of Movember since the month tries to bring attention to different men’s health conditions and research. Give your employees a list of men’s health charities they can donate to and encourage them to consider donating. You can even track donations and host a celebration party if you reach a fundraising goal.
  • Sponsor events: Sponsoring Movemeber events is a great way to get involved in the community while bringing awareness to your client base. The events can be as straightforward or as complex as you want. You can give free promotional items to customers who wear Movember mustache merchandise or host a community fundraiser to collect donations for men’s health charities. You can even host a Thanksgiving Movember event since they fall in the same month. Regardless of your choice, it can significantly increase awareness and capture the spirit of the month.
  • Invite clients to participate: There are other ways to encourage clients to participate rather than hosting an event. You can ask clients to post photos to social media of them wearing mustaches or mustache apparel and have people vote on the best or most creative images. The winner can receive a gift of your choosing, whether it’s promotional items, a gift card, a donation in their name to a men’s health charity or something else related to Movember.
  • Decorate the office: You can show your support for Movember by decorating the office with mustache memorabilia. When you put up Thanksgiving or fall decorations, you can also decorate with mustaches, whether posters, trinkets or banners. You can even utilize informational signs explaining Movember and how employees can get involved around the office and in the community.


Movember activities are a popular way to showcase your support, and you have numerous options, including:

  • Charity bake-offs
  • Game or trivia night
  • Setting up a booth at a sports game
  • Movie screenings for employees and clients
  • Investing in standing or treadmill desks for employees
  • Having a charity sale
  • Holding a photo contest with clients

Getting involved is essential for businesses because it helps showcase your company values and communicates to employees that you care about issues that affect them or the people they care about. You can get involved in any way you wish, but the above list is an excellent place to start if you’re celebrating and bringing awareness for the first time.

The Benefits of Movember Marketing Campaigns

Movember is an excellent time to house a cause marketing campaign to bring attention to the movement and your business. Cause Movember marketing increases support for a business in several ways, possibly leading to an increase in revenue. Spreading promotional campaigns such as No Shave November and Movember works like other marketing strategies to shape positive perceptions and increase customer traffic.

Cause marketing will benefit your business because it:

  • Presents company values: Fundraisers and awareness events show your company is philanthropic and has commendable core ethics. Since Movember focuses on bringing awareness to health conditions affecting men, participating in a marketing campaign shows the community you have upstanding company values and are concerned with the quality of public health.
  • Generates buzz: Customers find promotions interesting, like other seasonal events or changes in activities a company makes. Movember is an excellent month to start a promotional campaign, especially since it falls in line with other holidays. You can combine a Thanksgiving celebration with a Movember campaign to really generate a buzz, drawing in new customers and showing existing clients your capabilities.
  • Encourages sales: Customers enjoy getting promotional cause marketing products and making a difference in a fun, simple way. You can utilize fun imagery of mustaches on promotional items to help generate sales. If you give out these promotional items at events, people are more likely to remember your business and become interested in working with you.


  • Raises morale: Employees enjoy participating in special events such as Movember and getting thoughtful awareness gifts from their company. These events and gifts are an excellent time for employees to form bonds, which helps them work through tasks efficiently during the year. Employees also appreciate working for companies that reflect their moral values, helping improve turnover rates, promoting brand loyalty and increasing productivity.

Cause marketing is a great way for your business to garner employee and community support. People are more likely to want to engage with a business they believe has upstanding company values, and employees enjoy working for companies that reflect their moral standards. If you take the time to market for Movember, you can generate new buzz for your company and bring back old customers, encouraging more sales of your goods or services.

Movember Promotion Ideas

If you’re looking for cause marketing ideas to promote Movember at your business, consider the following:

  • Get active: Move for Movember is a popular challenge during the month to help raise awareness for the campaign. Getting up and getting active, whether it’s walking, running or competing in an athletic competition, helps raise awareness. You can even host an event like a 5K within your company and encourage the community to join. During the event, you can raise money to help bring awareness to the conditions that affect men and help change lives.
  • Set unique challenges: You can set unique challenges within your company to help raise awareness for Movember. These challenges can be whatever you want, whether encouraging employees to participate in a company hike that reaches a certain distance or setting a goal to reach a certain number of sales with a promise to donate a specific amount of money to charities once you reach it. The challenges you pick can help motivate clients and employees to participate in the movement.

  • Have an office party: Office parties give employees something exciting to look forward to and foster stronger relationships between employees and management. A mustache-themed party makes for a fun workplace experience. You can even gift promotional items with mustaches to help employees show their support.
  • Host a competition: Encourage employees to drive up sales or increase productivity by offering special Movember deals as rewards. You can even track sales with a graphic, such as a thermometer, showing how close employees are to their goal.
  • Hold a giveaway: Offer to reward a random employee with a unique promotional giveaway. If your reward package includes something thematic, like shaving products, it’s best to have at least two options, so the winner can choose which package they most want.
  • Donate to charities: Donating money to charities is an excellent way to showcase your support. Clients will see your support of the movement and may even be encouraged to make their own donations. Employees will also appreciate your support, which can help boost morale and increase productivity.

Promotional Giveaway Ideas for Movember

If you want your company to participate in Movember, the first step is ordering promotional items that work for the movement. Your items can display positive Movember messages, your company logo or both. For workplace competition prizes, you can order neutral, company-branded items employees will enjoy using all year long.

Popular Movember promotional items fall under the following categories:


Bags are a universal product. They are a good choice when you’re buying for a crowd. Unlike clothing, you can order a single size for everyone. Maybe your target audience fits into a niche, or your employees share a common interest that has brought them to work at your business — use Movember bags to express that.

Promotional bags come in many different styles and sizes. Options include:

  • Backpacks: Book bags and backpacks are great promotional products for educational industries, students, parents, and retail stores with back-to-school supplies.
  • Drawstring bags: An affordable choice with many practical uses, drawstring bags work well as promotional items for numerous industries. You can order a selection of colors and fill the bags with smaller promotional products to give away as “care kit” bundles.
  • Tote bags: The fashion and retail industries can use tote bags, as they have a large imprint area to showcase their creativity. Customers can use them while shopping, on vacation or for extra storage in their homes or vehicles.
  • Duffle bags: If your business has a gym, duffle bags with your company’s logo will make a thoughtful gift your staff and customers will love. They are also helpful for storing supplies or as light luggage on a trip.
  • Laptop bags: These are especially great for the tech industry and office workplaces but are also popular across many industries.
  • Lunchboxes and coolers: If you’re buying for employees, they will appreciate having new lunchboxes to bring to the breakroom. These are also great if your target market is composed of campers, students or clients who play sports.

Bags make excellent promotional items because they have excellent utility. Employees and clients can carry items to and from work and outside of work. You can even gift bags specific to activities, such as beach bags or picnic bags. Promoting your brand on these items increases your brand visibility since people carry bags everywhere, whether on their commute, as they walk around town or while traveling to new destinations.



Apparel makes a universal fit for any promotional campaign, even one as specialized as Movember. Order promotional apparel for your business that reflects your company’s unique style and shares a positive message.

Options include:

  • T-shirts: You can find themed t-shirts at venues, amusement parks and special events. Movember tees are often sold for this event specifically. T-shirts are one of the most common promotional products available, and casual Movember shirts can help employees feel even more connected.
  • Polos: If t-shirts don’t fit your company’s dress code, polos offer a more professional appeal while still being comfortable to wear.
  • Sweatshirts & hoodies: Since November is a cool month, you might want to invest in warmer apparel. Sweatshirts and hoodies are good ideas for employee gifts, whether your workplace is formal or casual, since they can put on warm hoodies for their commute home.
  • Outerwear: Promotional outerwear comes in various styles, and some employees may prefer a light jacket over a sweater.
  • Accessories: Maybe you have jewelry, baseball caps or other products in mind? These are also viable options.

Apparel is an excellent promotional item because people can passively show their support for the movement while wearing their clothes around town. While they’re showing support for the cause, they can also promote your brand since promotional apparel carries your logo and information. Apparel is also practical, as sweatshirts and outwear are essential as the weather changes, ensuring Movember and your brand get maximum exposure.



Another valuable product for promoting Movember is drinkware. People generally store their tumblers and bottles in plain sight, making drinkware valuable as promotional gifts.

Examples are listed below:

  • Water bottles: Your customers and employees will take a reusable water bottle everywhere, with or without a logo. This makes it a good choice to use as advertising for Movember and your company — it could also cut down on plastic waste around the office, which improves your sustainability and increases the likelihood of eco-conscious clients and employees continuing to work with your business.
  • Tumblers and travel mugs: These are similar to reusable water bottles in value, and they’re appealing products because they give people access to hot drinks on the go. Employees can take them to the office for their morning cup of coffee, and clients can carry them around as they work in their field. Many tumblers are durable and can withstand drops and frequent use.
  • Coffee mugs: Your recipients will use promotional coffee mugs regularly. Mugs are common for morning coffee, and the logo or design will remind the user of your business and the Movember campaign.

People always drink coffee, water, tea or other drinks while heading to work or out on the town, exposing your brand and dedication to Movemeber to various people. These items also hold up for long periods, sustaining your brand visibility. These items also make great gifts for employees to use while working.


Healthcare Products

Want to give out personal care packages for Movember with shaving tools and other hygiene products? You can make the bundles special with some promotional healthcare products. Including healthcare products fits the Movember theme while also advertising your business.

Below are some options:

  • Antibacterial items: A travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer goes a long way and is helpful for all industries.
  • Masks: Employees who work in the medical industry or with the public go through many face masks, so it’s always nice to have more.
  • Antimicrobial items: You can stock various antimicrobial products, such as mousepads, water bottles and pens, to keep around the workplace.
  • First-aid kits: Giving out first-aid kits would make a suitable addition to a Movember care kit or a drawstring bag bundle.
  • Stress balls: Stress balls are simple and small, making them perfect additions to a larger care kit. They can even promote the mental health awareness aspect of Movember.
  • Pedometers: Step counters promote healthy lifestyle changes, making them fit perfectly with Movember’s message of living healthier lives.
  • Hot and cold packs: Your recipients can use hot and cold packs the next time they get sore muscles from a challenging workout or when feeling under the weather.
  • Skincare items: Skincare items include lip balm and lotion, which help combat dry skin common in November.

Taking care of your body and protecting yourself against infection is essential. Healthcare products make excellent promotional items for Movember since the campaign is meant to bring awareness to men’s health issues. This helps you fit the theme and showcase your support. These items are also useful since people always need access to hand sanitizer, first-aid kits and similar items. Skincare products are also great promotional items because they can help employees and clients decompress after a long day, which helps show your appreciation for their hard work and commitment.



Order Promotional Products From ePromos This Movember

Movember is an excellent awareness campaign that can unite employees, clients and the community around a good cause. You can help the movement gain traction in your business and community by holding a special event, encouraging donations to charities or holding giveaways with Movember-themed promotional items for employees and clients.

Have ideas for a Movember-themed cause marketing campaign? Order promotional products from the online ePromos store, and we can personalize them based on your brand’s unique vision. Contact us to learn more about a specific order type, or browse our collection for more products that fit a men’s health theme.

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