Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Non-Profit organizations are constantly on the lookout for affordable non-profit fundraising ideas. ePromos provides a wide selection of discount promotional items that are a great way to help spread the word about your organization, without breaking your [Read More]

Promotional Products: Tradeshow Booth Displays

Promotional products and tradeshows go hand in hand — especially when it comes to tradeshow booth displays. This is an exhibitor’s shot at a great first impression. The booth (and what’s in it) is what people see [Read More]

Promotional Golf Umbrellas for Gifts

With so many products available, finding the right promotional item can be a challenge. The number of promotional products is staggering and with several firms also competing for attention, companies need their logo or brand to stand [Read More]

Designing Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are some of the best promotional items a business or organization can give away. Obviously, everyone needs an umbrella. A promotional umbrella may be used as an extra umbrella that is kept in an office [Read More]

Promotional Products: Luggage Bags

Marketing is a loosely regulated system of rules that encourages innovation and the unique application of promotional products. In determining how one is to employ the best use of promotional items, one should first identify the purpose [Read More]

Promotional Products: Garment Bags

Garment bags are one of the best promotional products that are available in the market today. These are best suited for travel as well as for storage purposes. The reasons for it being one of the best [Read More]

Promotional Products: Carabiners

Companies looking for some great promotional products to hand out to their customers will often times think that they need to spend a lot of money in order for their customers to really appreciate what they are [Read More]

Promotional Products: Badge Holder Clips

One of the most common promotional products used for events and corporate identification is the ID badge holder system. This particular item or system can be customized in three basic ways; the lanyard that holds the badge, [Read More]

Promotional Products: Lanyards

The increased security efforts of businesses and industries throughout the world are now requiring workers to wear identification badges. Using lanyards to keep the tags readily available has proven to be very popular and the lanyards can [Read More]

Promotional Products: Buttons

One of the promotional products available are buttons. There are numerous types of buttons out there and most are very cheap and entertaining for just about anyone. They can be used in the home, business, workplace, or [Read More]

Promotional Products: Luggage Locks

People love to go on vacations. One of the biggest and most stressful parts of going on vacation for many people is the fact that they have to bring luggage with them. So many problems are caused [Read More]

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