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Promotional Product Articles

Promotional Product Articles

Promotional product articles from ePromos will help you understand how to use promotional products and corporate gifts successfully in a variety of situations. Whatever the goal of your promotion may be, we can help you reach it with the right imprinted merchandise, from promotional giveaways to corporate apparel, online company stores and employee awards and recognition programs.

We want all our clients to be successful with their promotional products and corporate gifts. This may start with an understanding of the range of promotional products available, what to look for when selecting a promo item, plus how to use artwork and copy to maximize the impact of their promotions. Understanding the basics is the first step towards truly successful promotional product marketing, and the articles below were written with that in mind.

Traffic Builders

Choosing the right promotional product can attract buzz – and the right prospects – to your trade show booth. These hot items and strategies will ensure a packed crowd.

Life of the Party

Whether it’s a product launch or a client appreciation shindig, promotional products should take center stage at a corporate party. Here’s how to use them to make your next event memorable.

Deep Pockets

These five red hot demographic groups should be on your marketing team’s radar. Here’s how to woo them with the right promotional items.

Baubles, Bangles or Beach Balls

A thoughtful gift can make a meeting or incentive trip more memorable – and motivational. Hear what some of the country’s top destination management executives think makes the perfect pillow gift – plus, the lowdown on where to get the best loot.

Get In Gear!

More companies are using incentives to motivate employees to stay fit and healthy. The result? They’re saving money and reducing absenteeism. Here’s how you can follow their lead.

50 Ways to Say You’re Sorry

Sometimes, mistakes can’t be avoided. But if your company has wronged a client, there are ways to salvage the relationship. Here’s how promotional products can help.

Recognition Redux

New technologies and motivational theories make today’s programs very different from those run in the past. Here’s the lowdown on the latest incentive trends.

A Foot in the Door

Can’t get a callback from a hot prospect? Maybe it’s time to be craftier in your approach. Here, three executives tell how the smart use of promotional products helped them win new business.

Psssst! Copy These Marketing Secrets

Don’t have the marketing budget of a big brand? That doesn’t mean you can’t emulate their buzz-building strategies. Check out these on-the-cheap tactics the major players use to keep consumers engaged.

Local Flavor

From maple syrup (think Vermont) to blues CDs (think Memphis), giving a special gift to meeting-goers helps cement the memory of the event in their minds forever. Here, our city-by-city guide to 50 great meeting giveaways.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Looking to motivate high-profile, highly compensated clients or employees? Traditional incentives aren’t going to get their attention. Here’s how companies can make an impression on their favorite millionaires.

Super Promos

You don’t need a superhero’s budget to leverage the hype of Hollywood’s major blockbusters. Here’s how any company can create successful marketing tie-ins to the silver screen.

Plastic Power

In an exclusive Webcast with industry experts, we took a look at the consumer phenomenon that is gift cards – new trends and technologies and why they’ve dethroned cash as king when it comes to motivating clients and employees. Here are the highlights.

Promo Party

Spring break in Panama City Beach, FL, may have seemed like a typical wild college party. But Successful Promotions got a firsthand look at why it was also a super shindig for marketers craving the highly coveted college market.

52 Hot Motivators

There’s no reason to limit your incentive program to once or twice a year. Our week-by-week motivational guide for 2007 will keep employees – and clients – supercharged all year long.

10 Products 50 Uses

There’s no such thing as a boring T-shirt or logoed pen. Need proof? Check out our list of 10 hot promotional items and 50 creative ways to use them in your next promotion.

A Direct Hit

With e-mail, some marketers have forgotten an important lesson: Dimensional (a.k.a. ‘lumpy’) mail is still one of the best ways to capture a prospect’s attention. Here’s how six companies are gaining buzz using the good ol’ postal service – and promotional products.

Bad Santa!

Good corporate gifts can help to strengthen business relationships. Bad gifts can just as easily break them. Here are some of the best and worst of corporate giving.

Carrots for Clients

Today’s customer-incentive programs are integral to overall marketing goals, more sophisticated than ever and demand demonstrable ROI. Read on for your guide to smarter client gifting.

Constructive Criticism

Don’t want your next promotional campaign to get lost in the clutter of marketing messages? Take a cue from the big guys. Read on for three high-profile campaigns and what top marketing experts had to say about them.

Instant Rewards

Don’t just look to your annual incentive program to motivate employees. Keep top performers revved up all year long with a steady supply of spontaneous rewards. Here are some innovative ideas.

24 Ways to Say “Hello”

E-mails and business cards are ho-hum ways to introduce yourself to a new prospect. If you want to stick out in a business contact’s mind, there are far more creative ways to do it. Here are some products that can help.

It’s All About the Brand

It’s a fact: Brand-name incentive awards have a higher perceived value than other rewards. Here’s how to pump up your motivational programs by leveraging the top name brands.

Making the Magic Happen

We crisscrossed the country looking for premier party planners and found four who know how to score big. These event experts are the straws that stir the soirées, crafting the perfect mix of theme, décor, location and favors to thrill even the most jaded party-goers. On top of their tip list? Using cool imprinted items in snazzy gift bags.

Parting Gifts

Reese Witherspoon may turn down her next goodie bag at the Oscars, but attendees at your next event will still be expecting one. Here are some great ideas for cool gift bags at five different types of events.

Santa’s Little Helpers

This month, our experts help readers solve their most pressing last-minute gift-giving dilemmas. Read on for three readers’ questions and our experts’ solutions – and get cracking on your own holiday gift list. (P.S. If you’re too late for the holidays, don’t despair – recipients will likely appreciate “New Year’s gifts” even more than traditional holiday gifts.)

Staying Power

Figuring out how to retain star employees will be one of the biggest challenges companies face in the next few years. Here’s how three companies in industries that typically experience major turnover – health care, hospitality and insurance – have come up with creative solutions to keep employees and dramatically reduce costs.

The Power of Premium

Feeling the pressure to slash prices? Don’t do it. Take a cue from some household brands and offer a powerful premium instead. Here’s how to do it effectively.

Tricks of the Trade Show

Looking to attract quality prospects to your trade show booth? Don’t just hand out logoed pens without asking any questions. Take a strategic approach to promotional product giveaways. Here’s how.

Twelve Red-Hot Motivators

Don’t let employees’ energy fade in the lazy, hazy days of summer. Check out these 12 fun activities to boost their motivation.

You Are Invited…

Successful Promotions went in search of the most outrageously creative invitations on the market, along with the strategies to make them effective. What did we find? An invitation doesn’t have to be mundane: It can come in a bottle, have musical accompaniment, or even be planted. Read on for some great tips for turning an invite into something much bigger.

An Incentive for Every Budget

If you’ve always been hesitant to start an incentive program because of budget concerns, read on for four readers’ questions and our experts’ solutions for incentives for budgets both large and small. No more crying poor: Get cracking on your 2007 motivational plan.

On The Money

If you’re in the market to develop profitable client relationships, take a cue from marketers in the financial sector, many of whom have developed highly clever promotions. Will their ideas work for you? You can bank on it.

Marketers on the Road Again

Brand managers rev up old-school mobile marketing tours as the effectiveness of TV commercials comes into question.

Travel Perks

This month, our experts help readers find the right products for their incentive trips.

Online Promotions: What Works (And What Doesn’t!)

Advertising on the Web is on the rise, but so is the number of mistakes that marketers are making. Here are the 15 essential do’s and don’ts to consider before launching your next campaign.

Steal These Ideas

Just because a big bank has had success with a certain product doesn’t mean you can’t use it. You may learn a lesson or two from your peers in other industries. Here’s how four major sectors are using promotional products. Follow their lead to pump up your next promo.

Fashion Sense

There’s one nearly surefire way to get more exposure for your brand: Use logoed apparel. These seven companies are doing so – and getting great results. Here’s how their tactics can work for you.

All In The Family

Employees traveling too much? You might not be able to ground them, but you can reward them for their efforts by encouraging them to spend time with their loved ones. Here are some family-friendly incentives that won’t break the bank.

Win the War for Talent

The job market is heating up, and promotional products can be a powerful tool to attract qualified candidates to your company. Here’s how to use them effectively at job fairs and other recruiting events.

A Lasting Impression

Promotional products are becoming an integral part of meetings and events. Here is what successful companies are using and why.

Keep in Touch

Need an excuse to maintain contact with a client who’s not quite ready to buy? Here are 12 legitimate reasons to pick up the phone today.

Planning the Perfect Picnic – Corporate Style

The company picnic, long a staple of the American workplace, needn’t be a grind. If you’re tired of the same old hot dogs and macaroni salad, read on for our experts’ surefire ideas for a fun-filled event.

Fashion Statements

How – and where – you place a logo on a garment could mean the difference between the recipient wearing it regularly or tossing it into the trash. Our experts give the skinny on how to logo five popular items: caps, tees, woven shirts, golf polos and tote bags.

Attention Hungry

This month, our experts help readers find the right products to get their customers’ attention.

Going Global

Promotional gifts can open doors, even across borders. But it’s important to provide international clients with the right product, lest you commit a cultural faux pas. Here’s our guide to gifting in 15 different areas across the globe.

A Product for Every Personality

Thank employees with something that’s meaningful to them. Here’s how to reward eight different personality types, from Type As to introverts to flat-out snobs.

Brands for Sale

Every now and then, a promotional product is so special that it compels consumers to throw open their wallets and purchase it. These clever products accomplished just that – and more.

From A Distance

From a Distance Keeping an increasing array of remote workers motivated, happy and pulling together can be as successful as any other employee motivation program. In fact, it has to be.

Holding Onto Top Talent

In the next ten years, Corporate America is going to face a talent crisis like never before, workplace experts warn. There has never been a better time to tune up your employee recognition program. Here’s how.

Viva Las Vegas

Sin City is probably the only destination in the country that is different every time you visit – making it ideal for repeat trips. Here’s the inside scoop on the latest – and wildest – offerings for meetings and incentive groups.

Customers For Life

Promotional products aren’t just great brand builders; they’re great loyalty builders, too. Here’s how smart brands like Saturn and Crown Royal are using logoed merchandise to create lifelong customers.

Give The People What They Want

Say good-bye to one-size-fits-all incentives. Today’s motivational programs are much more sophisticated, and the best ones are tailored to employees’ needs. Here’s how to make sure yours hits the mark.

Dressing The Part

Whether your team is at a trade show or a product launch, the apparel they wear says a lot about your company. Here are five head-to-toe looks that will help them send the right message.

The Write Stuff

When presented with flair, a pen, and portfolio to match, is an ideal giveaway for practically any business situation. Here are some great combos for employee anniversaries, sales contests, executive powwows and more.

Good Gifting

This month is the ideal time to come up with your holiday gift-giving list for clients and employees. Take our experts’ suggestions and you won’t disappoint.

Draw A Crowd

From stuffed mules to RedHot underwear, here’s how brands pair creative promotional products and contests to attract more customers.

Dream Big

This month, our experts suggest some seriously cool rewards to keep sales reps motivated throughout 2008.

50 Great Reasons To Give A Gift Forget the holidays. Here are dozens of other reasons to give a gift today, tomorrow, and throughout the year.

Check It Off What do you give a client’s pampered pooch? Here are ideas for Fido and everyone on your list this holiday season.

Pens With A Purpose A special situation requires a special promotional pen. Here are nine unique pens to use in nine different situations.

Now Showing – When it comes to generating attendance at a trade show booth or meeting, a powerful premium simply can’t be beat. Here’s how clever marketers used promotional products to attract thousands of potential customers.

Motivate MeThis month, our experts help readers find appropriate gifts to keep employees motivated all year long.

Star PowerThese seven celebrities are master marketers. Here’s how to make their secrets work for you.

When a “Thank You” Just Isn’t EnoughThis month, our experts provide advice on making employees feel like they are one in a million.

Easy To Be GreenHere’s how three companies used eco-friendly products to help promote their messages.

Open For BusinessThe right promotional product can be crucial when launching a new company.

Five Simple Rules For Teen MarketingTeens have plenty of cash and are ready to buy – but don’t break one of these rules or they’ll take their business elsewhere.

Mega MotivatorsNine powerful lessons about recognition from the Fortune 500 and other large-scale organizations.

Pump Up This PromoEmbassy Suites partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshop on a promotion to help attract more families to its properties. While the campaign resulted in more bookings, our expert lays out a 10-step plan that would help generate even more ROI.

The Great OutdoorsThis month, our experts answer questions to get your employees out of the office and into the sun in a fun way that maximizes company exposure.

Promos That Rock The VotePromotional products are essential for winning elections. Here are some best practices you can use to be victorious in your own marketing efforts.

Promos That Rock The VotePromotional products are essential for winning elections. Here are some best practices you can use to be victorious in your own marketing efforts.

Aflac Targets Consumers With Decision-Making MusclesAflac is generating a lot of attention among its target audience – female decision-makers – with its Iron Girl series of events. Our experts lay out an eight-step plan to make this gal-friendly promo even more effective.

Launch Pad Media WatchPromos Still Hot as Real Estate Chills

Green is the New BlackOrganic apparel is all the rage. Here are four case studies showing how using green items can help boost a brand.

Lookin’ Good On The LinksThe right apparel can help complete a top-notch golf event. And, don’t forget the logoed golf club covers.

Cracking the Hispanic MarketHow to sell and market to one of the fastest-growing consumer segments in the United States.

Ask the Expert: So Many MilestonesThe holidays are over, but the gift-giving is not. This month, our experts provide answers to readers who are looking for the perfect birthday and anniversary gifts for employees, clients and colleagues.

Glamorous GoodiesHow marketers can create their own celeb-worthy goodie bags and giveaways.

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